California senior citizens turn to marijuana

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More senior citizens are taking day trips to dispensaries in search of relief

A growing number of senior citizens in California are taking advantage of a novel approach to pain relief. From carpal tunnel syndrome to arthritis, marijuana has already been shown to counter an ever-increasing number of ailments. Given the lack of mobility often experienced by seniors, services are now being offered to connect them to dispensaries that dot the California landscape.

In Orange County, for example, a complimentary shuttle will take the elderly to a local dispensary. One senior citizen that uses the service is 90-year-old Shirley Avedon. She suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome and isn’t a fan of surgery as a means to finding relief. She has visited a dispensary twice in two months thanks to the service and couldn’t be more pleased.

“It’s very painful, sometimes I can’t even open my hand,” explains Avedon. About her first trip, she said, “It helped a little. Now I’m going back for the second time hoping they have something better.”

She doesn’t visit the dispensary to get high. On her first visit, she tried a topical cream containing cannabidiol (CBD) that was marketed as a pain reliever. This time, Avedon wants to try something stronger.

The shuttle from Avedon’s home of Laguna Woods Village to the dispensary was packed with 35 senior citizens. The trip takes about a half hour, but is well worth it. The seniors are getting the relief they need without having to rely on overpriced medicines created in a lab.

As another visitor, 75-year-old Jim Lebowitz, confirmed, his cannabis use has been a miracle in relieving pain from back surgery he underwent two years ago. “I got chocolate and I got gummies,” he explained. “Never had the chocolate before, but I’ve had the gummies and they worked pretty good.”