California ready to introduce new cannabis laws

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Two new laws could help advance the state’s cannabis regime once signed by Gov. Newsom

While measures such as the one that would bring drug use in safe places to life did not have the desired success in California, some other reforms seem to be achieving the ultimate goal. California’s legislative session is about to come to an end. Still, before that happens, it looks like the Governor is getting his pen ready to sign a new law that would establish the framework for interstate marijuana commerce.

There is also other pending legislation that could be passed before the deadlines. Prominent among them is one that would provide job protections for people who use cannabis outside of work and another that would prohibit localities from banning medical marijuana deliveries.

However, all the focus is on the final approval of a series of reforms by legislators. As a result, the new destination is Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, with high hopes of receiving his approval.

The measures that will now be considered are AB 1706 by Assemblywoman Mia Bonta and SB 1326 by state Senator Anna Caballero. The latter is charged with paving the way for the establishment of interstate commerce of cannabis from California to other legal states. There are a few conditions to be met, such as receiving a waiver from the Department of Justice or having the Federal Government authorize the practice through legislation.

“The bill would prohibit an entity with a commercial cannabis license issued under the laws of another state from engaging in commercial cannabis activity within the boundaries of this state without a state license, or within a local jurisdiction without a license, permit, or other authorization issued by the local jurisdiction,” stated a legislative analysis. Caballero hopes her measure will have the desired result.

On the other hand, Bonta, through her proposal, seeks to improve the judicial reform provisions of the state’s marijuana law. In order to accomplish this goal, she would direct courts to process record sealing and other forms of relief for individuals with eligible marihuana convictions on their records within a specified period of time.