California marijuana industry to see increases in testing costs

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The Golden State to force more tests on marijuana products

The marijuana industry may be booming in California, but it’s about to get more expensive. Regulations are changing in The Golden State that are forcing stricter testing guidelines and laboratory fees could soon increase by over 40%-55% for cultivators, as well as for infused product manufacturers. Those new regulations will take effect as of December 31.

The regulations are part of the “Phase 3” laws and will require all harvested marijuana and cannabis products to be submitted for testing to determine if they contain heavy metals or mycotoxins, toxins that are created by mold. Any product that indicates a connection to terpenes will also be required to be tested. Additionally, solid and semi-solid edibles and inhalable products will need to be tested to determine how much water they contain.

The costs for heavy-metal tests are extremely high. One machine costs around $250,000 and there are other costs, as well. Certain chemicals needed to conduct the tests require special ventilation systems, which could lead to expensive construction costs.

Phase 3 is causing concern in the industry. Not only are the tests expensive, many believe that there aren’t enough facilities to conduct all of the tests required. It is considered “another absolutely enormous burden” on businesses in the marijuana industry.

There is a temporary reprieve, however. Those products that are harvested or manufactured prior to December 31 will be exempt from Phase 3 guidelines if they meet Phase 1 or Phase 2 requirements.