California marijuana home delivery inches forward

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Regulators in The Golden State have finalized rules to allow home deliveries

Home delivery of marijuana could soon come to California. Regulators in the state have signed off on what should be the final rules for the commercial sale of cannabis and cannabis products, including a subset of rules that would permit home delivery.

Under the rules, licensed businesses in the state will be allowed to deliver cannabis to adults, even if they reside in areas that have prohibited retail sales. There are approximately 390 cities, out of the 482 in the state, that currently don’t allow retail marijuana operations. The new rules are meant to be effective immediately.

Consumers, as well as cannabis companies, had been pushing for the state to allow home deliveries since a number of areas had not yet set up rules to create legal sales. According to a statement by Alex Traverso, a cannabis bureau spokesperson, “The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery.”

The rules state, in part, “A delivery employee shall not deliver cannabis goods to an address located on publicly owned land or any address on land or in a building leased by a public agency. This prohibition applies to land held in trust by the United States for a tribe or an individual tribal member unless the delivery is authorized by and consistent with applicable tribal law.

Despite having authorization by regulators, there’s a good chance that the issue hasn’t come to a peaceful end. A number of groups, including The League of California Cities, has publicly voices its opposition to home delivery and there are rumors that it, or some other group, could sue to keep the practice from being allowed.