California lawmakers to review several marijuana bills next week

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Changes are coming to California’s cannabis industry over the next few months

Next week will be a busy one for California lawmakers, as new marijuana bills await consideration. The state Assembly Appropriations Committee has on its agenda the review of some proposals that seek to prohibit localities from banning medical cannabis delivery services, create the infrastructure to enable interstate commerce in marijuana, and impose new labeling requirements for cannabis products.

According to reports, all of these pieces of legislation are expected to come up for consideration by an Assembly committee in the second week of August. If the panel approves these Senate-passed measures, they will move on to the Assembly. However, the road is not completely paved, and it is expected that some legislators will want to debate these proposals in depth.

SB 1186 received a thumbs up from Senator Scott Wiener. The measure, by its text, expects that a local jurisdiction would not be allowed to adopt or enforce any regulation that prohibits retail sales by delivery. While the primary goal of the legislation is to promote patient access, it is hoped to end the loophole that is, in one way or another, fueling the illicit market.

On the other hand, Senator Anna Caballero recently unveiled a bill that aims to set the stage for allowing interstate commerce of cannabis from California to other legal states. The only condition is that the Federal Government provides the respective approval, or receives a waiver from the Department of Justice.

SB 1097 was also able to pass through Senator Richard Pan’s criteria. This bill aims to have the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) adopt certain measures to require that labels on cannabis products be concise about the risks that cannabis use can have on mental health.