California issues marijuana recall over lab’s fake reporting

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The recall is tied to testing led by Sequoia Analytical Labs

The marijuana industry in California had to deal with a minor scandal earlier this month when the lab director for Sequoia Analytical Labs, a marijuana testing facility, admitted to falsifying data related to pesticide contents in marijuana samples. The director was subsequently let go and Sequoia has tried to clean up its image, but the damage and loss of confidence were fairly substantial. As the fallout continues, regulators are looking to pull a number of items off the shelves over concerns that they may be contaminated.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has issued a recall to 29 different marijuana companies in the state over the issue. In total, BCC has identified 848 product batches that had been tested by Sequoia from June 30 forward and which might be subject to the recall. The products run the gambit of cannabis offerings, from flower to hash to extracts. In total, 60 cultivators and product makers could be embroiled in the recall.

Among those that have received the recall order is BSeen Distribution, which had a total of 208 batches sent to Sequoia for testing. Additionally, Connected Manager also had sent 200 batches to the lab and will be involved in the recall.

According to Lauren Fraser of the Cannabis Distribution Association, the recall is so large that the value of all of the products could be somewhere in the ten-figure range. She added that the amount could be “easily tens of millions of dollars.”