California hotels lead the way for cannabis-friendly travel

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More hotels in the state are signing on to the cannabis travel craze

California properties are leading the trend of becoming cannabis-friendly travel destinations. It makes sense because the state is both a pioneer in relaxed marijuana laws and a top producer of cannabis.

Humboldt Social is one of the few hospitality companies that offer a higher-level cannabis experience. It operates multiple businesses in Humboldt County (California), including Oyster Bay Bayfront Resort vacation rentals and four-room Humboldt Bay Social Club hotels, Papa & Barkley Social dispensary, spa, and many more.

Humboldt launched a second hotel concept in Scotia Lodge, a 22-room hotel located near Redwoods State Park, Scotia, CA., just over a year ago. The property is located in the four-star area and is open for advisors. However, there are no obvious weed-related themes.

The hotel promotes a weed-friendly atmosphere through amenities such as a cannabis delivery menu, and an outdoor smoking area that is available to both hotel guests and restaurant patrons. Smoking indoors is prohibited. However, guests can enjoy edibles and tinctures of cannabis in their rooms.

Humboldt is a sister property to The Madrones and The Brambles in Mendocino County. The Brambles and Madrones are also following the wine hospitality model. Both have 14 accommodations and will work together with advisors. They have used their wine country surroundings for years to offer guests wine tastings in two of their on-site wine rooms.

Jim Roberts and Brian Adkinson have opened a dispensary in Mendocino called the Bohemian Chemist. The dispensary features its own house brand made from locally-grown products.

Positive guest feedback encouraged the Madrones and the Brambles to build out more robust cannabis tourism programming this summer. This includes cannabis farm tours and seven-course dinner series that features cannabis-infused food. Each course contains approximately two milligrams.

In the autumn, the properties will debut a cannabis consumption area, with a restaurant. The Madrones and Brambles now offer a “budtending” service for couples planning their weddings.