California Cannabis Authority has a new partner to improve the industry

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The CCA is teaming up with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting

California has the largest cannabis industry in the country, not surprisingly, as it was the first state to legalize both the medical and recreational markets. A couple of decades later, the Golden State has managed to establish a marijuana industry par excellence and it will be hard for any other market to surpass it. Hundreds of licensed businesses generate millions of dollars in cannabis sales, which is why an entity is needed to regulate this huge sector. That’s where the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) comes in, which recently announced its partnership with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC).

This new joining of forces is expected to provide a comprehensive data set, much more advanced data analysis input, as well as expert advice to cannabis regulators in the state. Mackenzie Slade, who currently leads the CPPC, said the partnership represents one of the latest efforts to update the way different regions of the state handle marijuana regulation. The idea is to provide them with best practices and tools to make fact-based decisions effectively.

The CCA was created by California counties to help local governments regulate cannabis more effectively and efficiently. This entity ensures that local governments have access to a high-level data analytics platform.

The CPPC, on the other hand, is a consulting firm dedicated solely to the marijuana industry. Its objective is to offer different data-driven consulting services and focus on equity, sustainability and public health.

By having a closer relationship with the CCA, CPPC will grant local state policymakers access to the most relevant cannabis policy experts and crucial data analysis. Given the CCA’s close proximity to the counties, this partnership could have a major impact on the Golden State industry.

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