CA judge gives kindergartner thumbs up to take marijuana to school

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The 5-year-old needs marijuana for her epilepsy

A judge in Santa Rosa, CA has made a friend in 5-year-old Brooke Adams. The kindergartener’s family took the Rincon Valley School District to court after the district banned Adams from bringing her cannabis ointment to school. Adams uses the ointment to treat a rare form of epilepsy.

The school district had argued that to allow the ointment would violate state and federal regulations that prohibit medical marijuana on school grounds. Judge Charles Marson issued his ruling last Friday, allowing temporary possession of the ointment while the school district’s objections are being considered. Judge Marson is part of the state’s Administrative Hearings’ Special Education Division, a division that handles disagreements between all school districts and parents of children with disabilities.

Jana Adams, the youngster’s mother, said after the ruling was announced, “I was so overwhelmed with emotion and joy that we don’t have to fight anymore after a battle of over two years. She can just go to school like any other child and we don’t have to keep pushing to get what she needs.”

The school district is now deciding whether or not to appeal the ruling. Cathy Myhers, the district’s Assistant Superintendent, expressed relief that there is some legal guidance on the issue, even though the judge didn’t rule in the district’s favor. She said, “We are pleased with the decision and guidance. We are happy to have a decision that supports our ability to educate and serve this student in our public schools.”