California cannabis researchers announce breakthrough in treating diseases

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A cannabis coalition has figured out how to increase production of a rare marijuana compound to treat a variety of ailments

A group comprised of medical cannabis and pharmaceutical companies has made an important breakthrough for the cannabis industry. The group has announced that it has determined how to increase production of a rare compound in marijuana that has found to be beneficial in fighting diabetes and lowering cholesterol levels, as well as combatting other health issues.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is one of the rarest cannabinoids and can only be found in minuscule quantities in the cannabis plant. However, it is one of the most effective for treating a range of ailments. Its scarcity, until now, has been detrimental to its expanded use as a viable alternative.

THCV is now being bred into an industrial hemp plant, which will not only make it more common, will help it to be extremely affordable. Ultimately, the consortium hopes to secure a federally-approved pharmaceutical drug that contains THCV. This might be made possible thanks to a member of the group, Lipsomo Formulations, a licensed pharmaceutical company. Another consortium member, Liposome Formulations, has said that it expects to introduce a THCV pill in the near future.

A study from 2013 that was funded by GW Pharmaceuticals showed that THCV was effective in treating type II diabetes in laboratory mice. Those results were confirmed two years later, when a report in the Diabetes Care journal asserted that the compound was successful in blood sugar control for type II diabetes patients.

Limited studies have shown that there are no risks with THCV use. It reportedly has no legal dose and its side effects are only trivial.