Building a cannabis garden on a budget

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Cultivating a personal marijuana garden is possible for as little as $100

Growing your own marijuana at home is easier than you may think. Obviously, local laws need to be taken into consideration, but it is possible to have your own stash for just over $100.

There are a number of misconceptions about growing your own marijuana. Many believe that it is a time-consuming process or that it requires a great deal of technical expertise. These beliefs are completely false and growing a climate-controlled indoor garden is easy, convenient and, most importantly, inexpensive.

With a single shopping trip to, it’s possible to buy everything needed to build a 24″x24″ personal grow tent. This is a great option for first-time or budget growers. All that is needed is the TopoLight Indoor Grow Room, a clip-on fan, a 24-hour mechanical time and LED full spectrum light. The total cost is only $116. An inline fan and a thermometer can be added for an additional $30.

The Micro Grow is a little bigger. It stands 64″ tall and has a canopy height limit of up to 42″. Two to four plants are the norm, but more can be included if they’re small, auto-flowering varieties. Casolly’s 32″x32″x64″ indoor grow room, a seven-day programmable digital timer, AcuRite’s Hydrometer and Thermometer, a clip-on fan, Growson’s 4″ indoor grow exhaust kit, an inline duct booster fan, vent fan controller, grow light and a 15-amp GFCI multi-outlet adapter are all the products needed. The total cost is right around $470.

Costs can certainly increase from here, depending on how elaborate the setup will be. However, growing one’s own marijuana for as little as $100 is easy and affordable. It will also give the satisfaction of enjoying personally-grown product.

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