“Budblockz” wants to be the world’s first decentralized cannabis eCommerce platform

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Embracing blockchain technology will allow the company to assume a unique role in the industry

BudBlockz has totally innovative plans for the marijuana industry and its growing relationship with eCommerce. This new cryptocurrency seeks to present the first decentralized marijuana eCommerce platform. The cannabis industry continues to be considered for many plans that are usual in other traditional markets. It is a clear indication of how big it has become and how important it is for crypto firms.

BudBlockz intends to become the first to operate a decentralized marijuana eCommerce platform. Using blockchain technology, the idea is that the cannabis industry will be revolutionized in a significant way. The plans are to bring together cryptocurrency and cannabis, two markets that, while volatile, continue to grow as the years go by.

BudBlockz would become the first new cryptocurrency capable of providing decentralized access to online eCommerce for cannabis enthusiasts. Through this project, people will be able to reliably access marijuana markets globally, at least in regions where cannabis has already been legalized.

While it is true that BudBlockz has not yet been launched, its success has already begun to be remarkable. In fact, during its private pre-sale event, at least 26,880,000 $BLUNT tokens, the name of its own currency, were purchased. So far, two public sale stages and one private sale event have taken place, totaling the sale of more than 50 million tokens.

Using $BLUNT as currency, marijuana lovers can buy marijuana products through BudBlockz online stores and brand-recognized dispensaries. All transactions are assured to be highly reliable and protected, as its security system is based on blockchain technology.

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