Breast cancer treated with marijuana? All signs point to yes

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Evidence dating back to the 1990s shows positive results for using marijuana to treat breast cancer

There has been a lot of evidence to support the use of cannabis to treat brain cancer. Now, Mother Nature’s wonder drug is being shown to be able to fight the second most common cancer in the world, as well.

Breast cancer afflicts one in every eight females in the U.S. While other cancer treatments – chemotherapy, surgery, chemicals – exist, most carry side effects that make their use unpleasant. They’re also not guaranteed to successfully remove the cancerous cells, with many tumors reappearing and developing resistance to the treatments.

Cannabis is able to slow the growth of tumors. It prevents the tumor and cancerous cells from being able to take over blood vessels and suppresses the cancer cell migration. In many cases, it can also completely kill the cells, ridding the body permanently of the unwanted guests.

More studies on cancer and cannabis are being conducted. There have been several in the past decade that have significantly improved the possibility of cannabidiol (CBD) being used to treat cancer. While the U.S. federal government may not be quite ready to introduce marijuana legislation, continued advances in the plant’s benefits will ultimately force the government’s hand. This will not only open up economies to new industries, but will also help increase research so that the world can understand exactly how important marijuana is.