Bob Marley’s son is launching a new luxury cannabis brand

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Rohan Marley is developing a new Lion Order cannabis lifestyle brand

The son of reggae legend Bob Marley seeks to ensure that the legacy between the family and marijuana does not end in the near future. That’s why Rohan Marley has decided to take a step into the industry through Lion Order, a cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) lifestyle brand.

According to the announcement, this launch will be accompanied by an international collection of professional athletes, activists, and visionaries. The idea is to celebrate the foundation of the Rastafari-Cannabis culture while educating the consumer about the lifestyle-related to this famous plant.

Rohan and its rooted luxury cannabis lifestyle seek to achieve a brand that is able to describe the harmony of Rastafari heritage combined with a unique feel and look in both quality and packaging. According to Marley, there is currently no other product that compares to the quality of Lion Order as it exudes the five-in-one standards of high-grade premium flower: taste, aroma, stickiness, aesthetics, and efficacy.

Lion Order, through these essential standards essentially linked to the roots of Rastafarian history, seeks to be unrivaled in its own category. For the entire Rastafari community, marijuana is a way of life as it has the ability to create unity and open paths of understanding, and raises consciousness.

“Lion Order represents the Lion of Judah. The way of man, Strength, Power, Courage, Determination. Doing things, the right way, indicated Marley. “Moving as a King or Queen, moving with dignity, self-respect, and wanting to be a part of a movement and a lifestyle. It’s a way of life and how one should live. Lion Order is a way for us to unite as a people, whether it’s with cannabis, water, psilocybin, coffee, or food. We want to get together around a table, all different ethnicities, different religions, nations and have a real talk about life and love.”

Rohan not only seeks to carry high-quality products but also to serve as a force for legalization and full decriminalization. With the help of Heavyweight Heads, the Michigan Cannabis Cup Award-winning grower, the brand will launch on April 20 with its own Lion Order IP strains.

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