Blockchain technology helping cannabis companies track their supply chains

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A California cannabis company shows the benefits blockchain brings to the cannabis space

A California-based marijuana nursery has opted to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify the authenticity of its medicinal plants. According to this cannabis producer, blockchain services would be useful to track the products.

Mendocino Clone Company is a marijuana nursery in the Golden State that was named in a joining forces announcement from EMTRI Project and technology firm Global Compliance Applications late last week. With the help of blockchain capabilities, the products could certify all baby plants, or clones, with a batch certificate.

Cannabis nurseries are specialized plant genetics facilities. There you can usually see the production of seedlings, clones, and seeds for the purpose of wholesale distribution. According to the recent groundbreaking bill, the measure allows the nursery to “document the initial stages of a cannabis plant’s journey to become a premium product for consumers based on the gram weight it flowers.”

Plans have indicated that the batch of batch-certified clones will be available starting the first week of next month. EMTRI Corp co-founder Scott Zarnes commented, “We are excited to be at the forefront of the cannabis industry by becoming the first in the US to adopt this cutting-edge technology in this way.”

This is not the first time cannabis has been seen linked to the world of cryptocurrencies. A couple of months ago, a cannabis-themed Metaverse project called Cannaland was unveiled to create a virtual world for cannabis enthusiasts. And exactly a year ago, a custom pipe manufacturer launched tokenized bongs with celebrities like Santana and Snoop Dogg buying the NFTs.

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