Binge drinkers have fewer liver problems thanks to cannabis

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Cannabis has been shown to help protect the liver from too much alcohol consumption

Not that this is an endorsement for going crazy with the liquor cabinet, but it appears that those who like to imbibe a little too often can protect their liver from damage more easily. A study has shown that cannabis might be beneficial in preventing a number of alcohol-related diseases that target the liver, including hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer. It’s an important find that has long-lasting benefits to a great number of alcohol consumers.

The study was conducted by the National Institute of Scientific Research with Canada’s University of Quebec. What they found was that those who drink too much, too often, have a 90% chance of developing some type of liver issue when they get older. However, they also discovered that drinkers who occasionally smoke cannabis had only about an 8% chance of developing the same health issues. Heavy drinkers and heavy cannabis consumers had an even lower chance, sitting at just 1.4%.

Terence Bukong, a liver specialist and lead researcher on the study, explains, “We found if people are using cannabis in the dependent manner, they actually are much more protected from alcoholic liver disease.” His conclusion is similar to one found with another research project that was led by a joint American-Korean team and conducted out of the Seoul National University Hospital.

The results of both studies lead researchers to believe that cannabis can help increase insulin production, which is vital for protecting the liver and to keep it from accumulating an excess amount of fatty tissue.