Bilzerian kicks it with marijuana party in his Bel-Air mansion

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The poker player-turned-marijuana aficionado continues his lavish lifestyle

Dan Bilzerian is never afraid to show off his lavish lifestyle. He always enjoys living it up, partying like a rock star with the who’s who of the celebrity scene, as well as with anyone else that he can cozy up to. In his latest example, he threw a Valentine’s Day bash at his Bel-Air mansion, attracting some big names from within the country, as well as abroad.

According to pictures posted by Bilzerian on social media, the party was attended by names such as Cardi B, Tyga, Carnage, Offset, Diplo and many more. Also there were rapper and music producer Shawn Quincy, as well as Maltese rapper Chris Birdd. The event just happened to coincide with the release of Quincy’s latest album, Adorable Sinners.

The party was appropriately themed for Valentine’s Day, and for Bilzerian – angels and devils were all over the place. The event was designed to celebrate Bilzerian’s Ignite, a premium cannabis lifestyle company. As the announcement for the event proclaimed, “White or Red Lingerie Attire Suggested.”

Cardi B performed at the party, alongside Offset. The personal attention they were giving each other during their performance seemed to suggest that they are a long way from being broken up. If that wasn’t enough to prove the duo is still together, the large engagement ring she was sporting should certainly close the deal.

Bilzerian only knows over-the-top. He has repeatedly gotten into trouble for his actions, but seems to care more about the fame than proving himself to be a successful and serious entrepreneur.

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