Billionaire Charles Koch is opening the wallet for federal cannabis reform

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The billionaire has asserted that he will spend $25 million trying to change Capitol Hill

Federal cannabis prohibition has prompted billionaire Charles Koch to provide a statement during an interview with Forbes. Koch said that this move against cannabis reform is counterproductive and that, instead of improving society, what it does is the opposite because it “ruins people’s lives, creates conflict in society and is against progress.” To that end, he’s ready to break out the wallet and invest in getting Capitol Hill lawmakers to advance marijuana reform laws.

Many people know Koch for usually funding Republican politicians. However, since last year he has taken matters into his own hands and decided to launch the Cannabis Freedom Alliance, where he joined forces with the libertarian think tank Reason Foundation, the Global Alliance for the Cannabis Trade and the non-profit organization that advocates for the release of cannabis prisoners, the Weldon Project. Through this large organization, whose common goal is to eliminate cannabis prohibition, Koch intends to use $25 million of his fortune to have a major influence on current cannabis legalization reforms before the end of 2021. During the interview with Forbes, Koch said, “By criminalizing [cannabis], it has huge negative manifestations, not only for the people who get caught up in that system but also for society. We want a society that empowers people to realize their potential and contribute, but with these laws, you block millions of people.”

Currently, certain proposals seek to legalize cannabis and would implement reforms related to criminal justice, as is the case of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. At the moment it has not been reported that any Republican is giving it the go-ahead, but there is no doubt that Koch and his large investment could be enough excuse to influence this community of politicians to sign in favor of the measure.

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