Bill to legalize marijuana in South Carolina passes first hurdle

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North Carolina’s southern neighbor is on track toward marijuana approval

Medical marijuana could be a market that would potentially be enjoyed by a huge number of patients in South Carolina. A bill that is being charged with making this a reality has made it past the first stop of a Senate committee, giving hope for this year to be quite positive for those residents who are fully confident in the plant’s benefits.

The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act was introduced in January by Sen. Tom Davis, featuring some tweaks intended to circumvent procedural problems that caused an earlier version to fail in 2022. While the full Senate had given that measure the go-ahead, it did not meet with the same success on the House floor due to a procedural problem with tax-related language.

Now, Davis has made several adjustments that may have even helped yesterday’s outcome before the Senate Health Care Committee. Members used a process to move the legislation forward without the need to physically meet.

The measure is now expected to be ready for a vote on the floor. The proposal seeks to allow patients access to marijuana from licensed dispensaries as long as they receive a physician’s recommendation for the treatment of qualifying conditions.

Kevin Caldwell of the Marijuana Policy Project has been enthusiastic, saying the winds seem to be blowing in its favor as the year begins. He added, “We hope to see the Senate again pass this critical bill. The House of Representatives should make sure that the legislation is heard and voted on its merits. The people of South Carolina have consistently shown that they support legalized medical cannabis and deserve to see this legislation debated in both houses of the legislature.”

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