Bill before Congressional committee could allow researchers to study dispensary marijuana

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A new legislative effort has been launched to expand cannabis research

With the advent of the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the North American territory, the need has arisen to have a necessary regulation with respect to people who drive a vehicle whenever they are under the consumption of this plant. Because this is the case, a bill has now been introduced that would allow researchers to study marijuana products from state-legal dispensaries, which is under the plans of a Congressional Committee for a vote this week.

The provision is included in a transit bill that will go before the House Infrastructure and Transportation Committee in the middle of this week. Its main objective is to allow scientists to do their analysis and research on drunk driving using the actual marijuana-based products that consumers are currently consuming and purchasing at dispensaries across the country. In addition, the bill also proposes interstate distribution of cannabis to scientists in jurisdictions where legalization has not yet been officially enacted.

The INVEST in America Act, a bill whose focus is to provide funding for highway and transportation projects, actually has many other main thrusts. This legislation is also looking that states where marijuana is legal to begin to opt for methods of providing appropriate education to people and to discourage driving under the influence of cannabis. While it is true that an earlier version of the measure did its best to succeed, after facing a GOP-controlled Senate, this was not the case. It is hoped that now that this administration has changed, the results will be different and the finish line can be crossed.