Biden steps on cannabis platform ahead of mid-terms

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The recent announcement of cannabis expungements could have been a prelude to the elections

The November elections are getting closer, and President Joe Biden is making sure his words reach the country’s youth community. As part of his remarks aimed at young people, Biden highlights his recent steps to pardon Americans who have committed federal crimes related to cannabis possession. The POTUS makes it clear that his position is firm and that he promises to follow through on every action he has planned to bring this measure to fruition.

Yesterday, the President gave a pre-midterm address to tout progress on a number of policy issues since he sat in the Oval Office. Addressing young people specifically, Biden commented that the administration would be better positioned to build on that momentum by expanding the Democratic majority in Congress.

“I’m keeping my promise that no one should be in jail merely for using or possessing marijuana,” Biden said, eliciting applause from the audience. “You should not be in jail.”

Since the president proclaimed a popular pardon and issued a directive for an administrative review of the classification of cannabis, the White House has been closely monitoring polls to see what the public thinks. The results have shown concretely that young adults have a strong pro-action stance.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter why “we haven’t heard more about” the pardon action and whether there are plans by the administration to talk more about it. She said the president has been consistent with his comments on the issue. Jean-Pierre added that the commitment is there and that it is not going anywhere.

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