Bella Thorne has a new cannabis brand

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The actress is the latest celebrity to get behind cannabis

Actress Bella Thorne has joined the ranks of many Hollywood celebrities that have gotten into the cannabis industry. She already has her own beauty label, Thorne by Bella, and has now partnered with a vertically-integrated cannabis company to launch cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products. The continued transformation of cannabis being a hush-hush topic to a mainstream subject is being driven by the same industry that forced it to be considered something evil.

Thorne has teamed up with Glass House Group to launch Forbidden Flowers, a company that offers indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD varieties that the company cultivates at its facilities in Santa Barbara, CA. The Midnight Sun actress, who also recently began a career in adult films, will be sharing cannabis insights with her 21 million Instagram followers and says, “I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and weed was the one source I found for me to do the most healing,”

The products will be introduced starting this week as part of a seven-week cross-country campaign. New retail locations will be announced each week through November 21, giving Thorne and Glass House a lot of exposure.

The chief marketing officer for Glass House, Groovy Singh, adds, “We’re proud to join forces with Bella in rolling out this sexy, enticing, high-quality brand that embodies her captivating spirit. At a time when more people are exploring the power of cannabis, we look forward to introducing a whole new community to the benefits of cannabis and to Bella sharing with her fans and consumers the ways she incorporates cannabis and CBD into her daily lifestyle.”