Bella Thorne adds hemp clothing to her cannabis activity

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The longtime celebrity and cannabis campaigner expands her cannabis portfolio

Hemp fabrics have been used for a long time in other countries and even past civilizations, and is now gaining more territory since hemp became legal in the US. Several companies started to grow hemp to develop high-end hemp textiles and are completely changing the way hemp products look compared with previous fashion trends. Even luxury hospital brands have started to include hemp textiles, as reported by Forbes. Now, actress, writer and director Bella Thorne is growing her participation in the cannabis industry through a new partnership with DRIHP Hemp Clothing.

DRIHP Hemp Clothing is a recently-created, environmentally-friendly apparel company founded by Luke Dandrea. He has secured other deals with celebrities in the industry like Jay Alverrez and Rachel Cook, who are serving as brand ambassadors. “Hemp has been reborn. It was a clear decision to dedicate resources to influencers to spread the message that hemp can save valuable resources like water,” Dandrea explained. “Hemp’s derivative products can serve as alternatives not only to textiles but to plastic products, building materials and even ingredients for the food industry.” He added that his brand is not only an apparel line but one that exists without harming the environment.

This is not the first time Thorne participates in the cannabis industry. She launched a cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) brand called Forbidden Flowers last year with the help of Glass House Group’s Glass House Farms. “I’m sorry, but if marijuana is going to stop your kid from committing suicide, or if [marijuana] is going to help your kids who [have] eating disorders; or if weed is going to help your kid with their overwhelming anxiety… Just get over it. There [are] much worse things than [marijuana],” said Thorne to Forbes in a chat interview. “I’m thrilled to [align] with DRIHP… a company that is forefront of creating textiles that are environmentally friendly,” Bella concluded.