Austin, TX has a popular underground marijuana scene

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Marijuana may be illegal in Texas, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits

Texas takes a dim view of marijuana. It is currently outlawed in the state (although this could change soon) and even carrying a vape cartridge is a felony. However, despite the strict laws, finding marijuana isn’t that difficult and Austin has turned into one of the hippest cannabis towns in Texas.

Austin has a lot of “cannabis-adjacent” events, as well as a strong cannabis culture. The state’s capital is a popular college town, which could be one of the reasons why marijuana is so readily accessible. Even though smoking marijuana is illegal, the aroma of cannabis can often be found throughout the city, especially at annual festivals.

One such festival is the South by Southwest festival, an annual gathering that centers on music, film and culture. Its center is the Austin Convention Center, but spreads out to over 50 venues across the city. The festival is currently underway and, to ensure there’s no doubt regarding the role cannabis plays in the festival, this year’s lineup includes events such as the 420 Show with Matt Besser, a taping of the Queens of Stoned Age podcast and a premiere of a new marijuana-infused movie starring Matthew McConaughey aptly called The Beach Bum.

There are a number of attractions in Austin that, while not built around cannabis, would still be appealing to cannabis fans. Sixth Street is a strip of bars that is wildly popular, as is Rainey Street. The former typically attracts a younger crowd, while Rainey Street is like Sixth Street’s “older sibling.”

It’s hard not to associate Texas with BBQ or Tex-Mex cuisine. Some of the best BBQ restaurants are Franklin Barbecue, Dirty Gloves Midwest BBQ and Stiles Switch BBQ, while Juan in a Million is renowned for its Tex-Mex dishes. All are perfect to help satisfy the munchies.

Austin isn’t all about partying and marijuana. However, as the capital of Texas, it sits at ground zero of any marijuana industry changes that could come to the Lone Star State. While recreational use may be a long way off, the state is working toward accepting medical marijuana consumption, as well as hemp cultivation, which are steps in the right direction.

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