Atlantic City is getting a cannabis lounge

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Cannabis lounges are beginning to appear across the US, including in New Jersey

Atlantic City is known as the gambling city of Las Vegas on the east coast. It is a tourist place that attracts thousands of people every year in search of fun and entertainment. Famous as much for its large casinos as for its beaches, this small city has been adapting to the demand and growing every day to offer a unique experience. A clear example of this is the potential launch of a cannabis lounge, just steps away from the famous Boardwalk.

The origins of Atlantic City date back to the mid-nineteenth century when many real estate companies began to value the good location of this small town on the west coast of America. Its beaches and the creation of the first hotels gave rise to the well-known boardwalk in 1870.

Perhaps at that time, no one would have imagined that cannabis would become part of its culture, but times change, and the plant has taken its place in several important points of the country. Plans being considered for one of the city’s old hotels could mean that a cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge located right next to the famous Boardwalk could soon open its doors. If Atlantic City was already busy with its various forms of entertainment, this certainly raises the game.

Cannabis lounges where patrons can smoke are an issue currently being debated by state regulators, many of whom are meeting to develop rules to govern these establishments. With a budding industry eagerly awaiting the approval of those regulations, entrepreneurs like Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan have already gone ahead and unveiled plans to open marijuana lounges.

The High Rollers Dispensary in the former casino area of the Claridge’s Hotel recently received the go-ahead from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Plans include a $3.2 million renovation of the property.

The idea is to open a lounge that will be an ideal destination for enthusiasts who want to share a bit of their cannabis culture. A non-alcoholic beverage bar will be opened to comply with New Jersey’s proposed regulations for businesses, as well as live entertainment and opportunities for outdoor food vendors.

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