Artificial Intelligence enters the cannabis cultivation space

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New tools based on AI are helping improve cannabis farms

There are several emerging technologies that are gaining ground and making entries in diverse industries. One of these is artificial intelligence (AI), which has been offering exciting new functionalities for the last couple of years. The cannabis industry is now starting to get more attention from AI companies that are crafting special devices designed for this sector, and they promise a significant boost in many aspects. There is one Phoenix-based company already developing AI-powered devices designed specifically for the cannabis sector, CEAD, which is currently working on new AI-based technology to boost the plant cultivation in production spaces.

AI brings resources of data collection and analysis that the cannabis industry can apply to various aspects, from cultivation and production, to market and financing. Royce Birnbaum, the co-founder of CEAD, spoke about this new product with Grit Daily. Birnbaum explained that, even though the company doesn’t have a website yet, the product is already being tested at a research and development (R&D) center. The company’s software is used to monitor plant nutrition, growth rates and life cycles, and all this data is used to determine better patterns of feeding and pruning schedules, as well as being on top of pests’ outbreaks.

“One struggle most growers are facing is…the need to have successful, continuous cultivation cycles without the potential for deviation or disaster as we see so often in the industry,” Birnbaum said. “CEAD provides any grow operation an unparalleled ability to predict when to water, fertilize and harvest. This will enable an upsurge in quality while reducing the manpower needed to maintain each plant, as well as give a comprehensive overview of all operations and outcomes related to cannabis cultivation.”

Other cannabis industries are using AI-empowered devices to boost cultivation, such as high-resolution crop sensors, to give precise grow room conditions. More advance devices like robotics are being employed to automate and control remotely, several aspects of plant care.