Arkansas governor confirms anti-cannabis legalization stance

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Governor Ava Hutchinson could stand in the way of marijuana legalization

Being a state, whose Governor has no intention of supporting marijuana legalization really makes things uphill. This is precisely the case in Arkansas, as Governor Ava Hutchinson made it clear last week that she will vote “no” on the issue of recreational cannabis legalization. The position was shared through a tweet where she also shared the link to the website of the anti-legalization group Safe and Secure Communities.

It is important to note that in previous roles, Hutchinson used to manage the US Drug Enforcement Administration. That may be a possible reason why she is reluctant on the cannabis issue.

The tweet read, “The science is clear. Recreational marijuana leads to increased drug use among minors & more dangerous roadways. This November, I’m voting NO on Issue 4 to legalize recreational marijuana in Arkansas & I hope you’ll join me.”

This announcement comes about a month after Fairfield Bay Police Chief Davis Burnett created a committee (Save Arkansas from Epidemic) with the intention of fighting the reforms. During his presentation to form such an entity, he and his attorney AJ Kelly said the committee’s primary goal is to “oppose the 2022 proposal to amend the Arkansas constitution, which would ‘legalize’ under state law the ‘recreational use’ of marijuana.”

Currently, medical marijuana is allowed in The Wonder State, with a pretty solid program when talking about its financial success. In fact, last month, this market achieved a new record for total pounds sold. Still, many major figures in the state seem uninterested in expanding that success through adult use.

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