Apple is relaxing its policy on cannabis for iPhones

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Apple once kept its distance from the plant, but times are changing

Many iOS users wait anxiously to see what’s new in the operating system after each update released by the company. And no wonder, since these updates usually bring many new features and improvements. One of the beneficiaries in the latest version released has been marijuana enthusiasts. With the new update, iPhone users now have the option to track medications and learn about possible drug interactions with other substances. Marijuana has now been included in this useful tool.

iPhone used to be a reluctant company with everything related to the topic of marijuana. However, as the legislative movement has opened the doors to legal cannabis, the tech giant has constantly revised its policies, generally aligning them with the new normalization of the plant. A clear example of this has been evident in the iOS 16 update, especially in the “Health.” app.

The new version now allows users to tell the app whether they use tobacco, alcohol, or even cannabis to look for “potential interactions between the medications on their list.” Apple referred to this new update in the tool by saying that the content is evidence-based content licensed from Elsevier, a leading publisher of health and science information.

Still, the tech firm made it clear that the Medications feature should not be viewed as a reliable replacement for a specialist’s medical judgment. While additional information is available on drug labels, users should consult a medical expert before making any health-related decisions.

Apple’s new update listing marijuana along with federally legal substances (tobacco and alcohol) is definitely a clear example of incorporating marijuana into Big Tech. Apple made a similar decision last year, when it ended its policy of restricting marijuana companies from doing business in the App Store.