Aphria could be ready to jump ahead of the pack

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The cannabis company is turning heads as it continues to excel

With the rise of the participation of the cannabis-related businesses in the stock market, many companies continue to give priority to acquiring more stocks to increase the market share. Share prices are going to the ground now and, while they focus more on acquisitions, they have failed to post earnings or improvements, or even general growth, and now are just hoping the investors can see past how much the stock prices can change and just focus on the long term opportunities. That covers virtually all of the companies, except for one that is standing out. Aphria is poised to see great expansion.

Aphria has sustained a trend of making its earnings known to the public for the last six months now and, if they continue down this trail, they could take off and leave the other companies behind. Taking a look at the company’s current situation and the behavior, Aphria is already outgrowing companies like Canopy Growth and Cronos by far.

Another condition that could define Aphria’s advantageous situation, is that they don’t even have a global partner yet as some of the other large companies in the trust fund might have, just like Cronos Group that is currently partnered up with Altria; considering that a partnership like this could happen in the future, Aphria could really leave all competitors behind since right now the closes stock that has been following Aphria is Cronos Group, and they are still 22% behind to this date.

Finally, disclosing the company’s earnings, showing to the investors how profitable the company is and could be, is what will keep the interest and definitely increase its value to attract more investors and keep the current ones in the long run by maintaining a less fluctuating behavior.