Another win for CBD oil in fighting cancer

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Not only can CBD reverse cancer, but it can also prolong life

In 2000, Violetta Muzychenko was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was told that she only had about five years to live, even after being subjected to chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She managed to suffer through the treatments, only to find that the cancer had returned in 2015, this time affecting her bones. It was then that she turned to cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which has not only cured her of cancer, but has added years to her life.

Explains Muzychenko, who lives in Chicago, IL, “(A) friend of mine saw me dying during the chemo, and he said, ‘Why don’t you try a new treatment? It kills the cancer.’ And so I went to the Internet. And I contacted some people who were using it. It was difficult. It was illegal at that time. Then in a couple of months it became legal. And then I could buy through a dispensary, a special store for oil.”

When she first started the CBD oil treatment, she had some difficulty assessing the proper dose. However, she found the proper balance and, four months later, was cancer-free. She adds, “It stopped growing. And it’s increased my immune system. Cannabis oil boosts your immune system. And it also kills cancer cells. It helps your body fight the cancer.”

Muzychenko has recently found out that she, once again, is suffering from cancer. However, she knows what the solution is and is positive that she will win the battle again. Given that she was supposedly only going to live five years after her first cancer diagnosis, she’s already proven to be a fighter and will continue to rely on Mother Nature’s wonder drug to keep her moving forward.

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