Another Wall Street bank now tracks marijuana stocks

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Jefferies Financial Group is now tracking seven marijuana stocks

Marijuana continues to find its place on Wall Street. Cowen and JPMorgan have recently been spreading the word more often on marijuana stocks and, now, another Wall Street heavyweight has entered the fray. Jefferies Financial Group Inc. has launched coverage of seven marijuana stocks, including some of the big companies in the space.

Among the companies being covered are Aurora Cannabis, Cronos Group, Canopy Growth, Tilray, HEXO, Emerald Health and CannTrust. All of these are the top movers in the industry, so their inclusion shouldn’t come as a surprise to most.

In addition to now giving investors more coverage, the inclusion of the stock tracking also shows that marijuana is going mainstream. It is gaining steam and the once-forbidden fruit is now part of everyday life.

Each time a legacy institution begins covering marijuana stocks, it’s another step closer to full adoption on a national (and social) level. This is going to propel federal regulations and allow the legal cannabis industry to flourish. It will also fuel more investments by both retail and institutional investors, leading to even greater acceptance.

Marijuana stock prices have already been predicted to see great improvements this year. 2019 is the year that many companies will start to enter the black, where before they were mostly in the red as they inked new deals and set up new systems to be able to get their enterprises rolling. The marijuana stock market is about to kick off with a great deal of steam and, if analysts are correct, the only direction from here is up.

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