An active lifestyle can be further enhanced by marijuana

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Several tips on adding marijuana to take physical activities to new heights

For those looking to take their physical activities to new levels, cannabis could be the perfect ingredient. Whether used before, after or during the activity, cannabis and marijuana can enhance the experience and become a perfect part of any nutritional or fitness program.

Most people associate a workout with a rise in cardiovascular activity. However, resting is an equally important part. Cannabis can produce a state that allows the user to relax and sleep, whether it be for a power nap or for a good night’s rest.

Yoga studios are also beginning to integrate cannabis into their programs. It enhances the practice and helps yoga practitioners to have a fuller workout, one that combines the essential elements of yoga – body, mind and spirit – into one singular entity.

Using marijuana before a workout in the gym can also make the physical activity more productive. It will help to put the user in the right frame of mind and work into the strain. Marijuana can also help to “get deeper” into the workout, allowing the session to be more productive.

Most movies portray pot smokers to be laid-back, demotivated individuals. The opposite is actually true. Marijuana, especially a sativa strain, can help energize the body and can be a great motivator. It isn’t recommended to use too much before the activity begins – just a little is more than sufficient.

Following a successful and invigorating workout, cannabis has benefits, as well. Rubbing the body with cannabidiol (CBD) oil or activated THC cream will help the muscles relax and soothe any pains.

It’s important to stress that workout routines don’t need to be preceded by a five-hour marijuana marathon. As with anything, moderation is the key to its success. Each body is different, so if you’re considering a routine that includes marijuana, make sure you know your limitations.

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