Amazon Prime set to launch new comedy show from founder of cannabis channel

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The High Life was created by cannabis-centric Socia Club TV

The culture surrounding the cannabis world has been showcased in several movies for many years now; however, it wasn’t until recently that cannabis-centered shows have been making it to the small screen. Amazon Prime is about to launch a new comedy show about the life of a 24/7 stoner that was created by Ronin Content in collaboration with actor Ralph Michael Brekan. The show is called “The High Life,” which will be featured on the Social Club TV channel later this month.

Ronin is a content creation company that has been dedicated to producing creative content and original shows that are being watched by millions of people across more than 18 networks. Ronin’s new Social Club TV channel focuses on adult medical and recreational cannabis content, which is where the new show will be broadcasted. “I co-created the show with my wife and studio partner Theresa Brekan,” said Brekan, who will be giving life to the lead character Stevie Stoner; for Stevie is 4:20 forever.

Brekan and his wife are the owners of Artorama Studios, which is an animation studio focused on limited 2D cartoon animation. For the casting of this show, the couple wanted to be inclusive, so Jamaican voice actors Brent Onenuh and Damion Graham will play the roles of fictional reggae musicians “Rasta Ron” and “Reggae Mon.” The worldwide premiere of The High Life was announced for July 27th, 2020 on the Social Club TV channel, which is available in Amazon Prime as well as other streaming platforms like The Roku channel or Pluto TV.

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