Alternative marijuana stocks remain highly popular

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Companies operating on the fringe of the marijuana industry are proving to be important

Marijuana stocks continue to show upbeat performances and this won’t end anytime soon. However, investors wanting to invest in the marijuana market don’t need to focus solely on marijuana companies. There are plenty of businesses that are operating on the fringe of the marijuana industry that are just as important and are receiving a considerable amount of attention because of their positions.

Leafbuyer Technologies offers an online platform that provides access to information regarding the cannabis market, such as dispensary locations, what products are best for which afflictions, etc. It also is enhancing its loyalty reward programs and has picked up the nickname, “Priceline of Pot.” Leafbuyer reportedly reaches millions of consumers every month and continues to grow.

Denver-based Leafbuyer has opened a new office in Los Angeles, its first satellite office. That office will oversee operations along the entire west coast, as well as in Arizona and Nevada, and will help the company eventually gain a national footprint.

Many investors say you can never go wrong investing in real estate companies. So, investing in a real estate company that invests in cannabis seems like a really good idea. Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP) has popped up on investment radars before, and will continue to make an appearance. It is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that concentrates on cannabis companies and now owns properties in eleven states. Those properties are, in turn, leased to entities wanting to cultivate their own cannabis. As such, IIP has a highly predictable revenue stream that makes it easy to gauge where the company is going.