All Def Cannabis promises to be the only “cannabis for the culture” content studio

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A new entertainment channel focusing on the cannabis ecosystem is ready to be launched

All Def, a Culture Genesis company, now wants to be more relevant to the cannabis-related community. In order to achieve this, it has promised to bring the only “cannabis for culture” content studio in the world through the new launch of All Def Cannabis. This entertainment channel has been in beta for the past year but has now been officially launched for the delight of all cannabis enthusiasts. Its original content is expected to be entertaining, educational and inspirational for the entire marijuana culture.

So far, All Def cannabis has six programs on the web platform and an age-locked app. This project aims to produce original and entertaining content for audiences with different cultures, also seeking to provide some guidance and education on the subject of cannabis, something that has long come to be seen as taboo. All Def has some incredible programming, from Stoner Stories to the viral Hotbox Challenge.

In addition to this launch, the channel will also include a series of live events that promise to have a great level of viewing, especially for those who like to enjoy a marijuana cigar while watching something entertaining. Several great talents from All Def will now also be participating in this launch, Darren Brand, Slink Johnson, Tocahantas, and many more.

The advent of programming like this has started to pick up a lot of steam as time has passed. In addition to entertaining many cannabis fans, it also helps to inform those people who may not have much knowledge of the plant. At a time when many states are opting for the possibility of legalization, it is considered a great way to get the word out.