Acreage Holdings brings cannabis sales to Illinois

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The cannabis consumer industry may be moving slowly in the US, but it is still moving

Now that the Illinois market is wide open for the cannabis market, many companies are already planning to take advantage of the largest states by population that have legal cannabis sales. Acreage Holdings, Inc. just announced that it entered the Illinois market after receiving approval from authorities for selling products at its Nature’s Care Company Rolling Meadows facility. The official sales began yesterday, and this new step comes as a complement to the wholesale operations the company began at the beginning of the year.

The company could not wait any longer, and immediately after receiving the approval, Acreage Holdings began selling its products in its dispensary, which is located in the Chicago area. It might not be the most popular name in the cannabis industry, but it certainly has high-quality consumer products that are widely recognized. This company is one of the suppliers for Canopy Growth Corporations of its exclusive award-winning brand, Tweed. These goods can also be purchased at Nature’s Care Company’s Rolling Meadows dispensary, as well as other recreational sales dispensaries within the state.

Acreage Holdings is based in New York City and has several other companies that are vertically integrated with services running in several states. Based on information on the public domain, Acreage owns several licenses to either operate, assist or provide services to at least 20 states – pending acquisitions included. From production to the end consumer, Acreage entered the market to become a consumer-focused company that provides an outstanding cannabis experience. It debuted back in 2018 with the opening of its first store, The Botanist.