A twist on an old faithful – cannabis-infused pizza

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New Yorkers have the ability to order the special treat, delivered right to their doors

New York is always on the cutting edge and, with its large Sicilian population, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Big Apple would be home to one of the country’s firsts. New Yorkers can now order cannabis-infused pizza and have it delivered to their homes. Hopefully, the idea catches on around the entire country fast.

Aptly-named Stoned Pizza is the restaurant behind the special pizza pies. While there is still some controversy over cannabis-infused products in New York State, the pizzeria is willing to whiz around New York delivering pies as long as it can. According to New York law, the company is actually operating illegally, but we’re talking pizza.

The pizza won’t be for everyone, though. Depending on the destination, there are minimum purchase orders; in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, that minimum is $150. That will only get a pepperoni pizza, a vegan pizza, “ganja knots” (garlic knots) and a cheesecake. Despite the price, the fact that it’s possible to order pizza infused with cannabis is beyond worth it.

The pizza pies are infused with a massive 320mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The ganja knots, which come in a six-piece serving, contain 100mg. Just like everything in New York, though, the slices are huge – the only way Sicilians know how to make pizza.

Because of the THC content, it’s suggested to not try and eat an entire slice. What this means is that you may be left feeling a little hungry, as well as mellow. Still – it’s pizza and it’s infused with THC. It’s worth it.