A rare disease shows relief from cannabis

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Giant cell granuloma is being treated with marijuana

Giant cell granuloma is a benign form of cancer that causes seizures and results in painful tumors growing on the jaw. There are pharma-created drugs that can be prescribed to fight the disease, but many carry horrible side effects and don’t work quickly enough to reduce the symptoms. For some, such as 13-year-old Rylie Maedler who only wanted to live a normal teenager’s life, the lab drugs were not the solution. However, she found an alternative that worked better and has helped her win her life back – cannabis.

In an interview with InsideEdition, Maedler stated, “In second grade, my face started to grow and it was getting bigger, and my mom decided to take me to the hospital. I was just so uncomfortable. Seeing my face in the mirror made me really sad.”

After trying to control the disease with lab-based drugs, Rylie’s mother turned to cannabis, desperate for a better solution. Although hesitant at first over concerns of possible side effects, the treatment exceeded her expectations. The seizures stopped completely and the tumors shrank into nothing. Prior to beginning the cannabis treatment, her doctors had warned her that her teeth would fall out – she is now all smiles with her own set of pearly whites. Rylie exclaims, “Cannabis oil made me feel so much better.”

So much better, in fact, that she has become a crusader for medical marijuana. She is behind three laws that were pushed through Delaware’s Congress that helped pave the way for access to medical marijuana by children. She states, “It was illegal when my mom gave me cannabis. It made me feel so much better and I didn’t understand why other kids couldn’t have it, so I wanted to help those kids.”

Despite attempts by some pharma pundits to deny or skew the facts, there are real, tangible benefits to marijuana use. While the stigma of only “burners” smoking marijuana to “get high” may still be common with some individuals, the truth is showing the importance of Mother Nature’s wonder drug and is helping to erase that misconception.