A physician offers tips on marijuana to avoid getting high

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Expert advice before consuming is never a bad idea

If you drink too much alcohol, the body can react in a negative way. If you eat too much sugar, the same can happen. As with virtually everything, moderation and knowing the body’s limits are vital to its protection. Avoiding over-consumption of marijuana can also help to ensure that users can enjoy its benefits, as too much can cause the opposite of the intended effect, leaving the consumer in a fragile state. If you’re unsure of what amount might be right, you can always turn to a physician for a little advice.

Thomas Green, MD, points out that users can figure out what doses work for them, but that this may not be the best solution. Since doses can vary due to a number of factors, including disease, mental state, sleep patterns and more, the dose may not be the same on two separate occasions.

Green also cautions that the method of consumption plays a significant part, as well. Titrating cannabis before consumption will allow it to be absorbed quickly, but the effects won’t last as long as they will by consuming edibles. However, the downside is that the full effects won’t be felt for one to two hours after consumption.

The reason for consuming can also play a factor. For example, to combat anxiety, only a low dose is necessary and a high dose can make the problem worse.

Lastly, it is possible to develop marijuana desensitization, where the body continues to need a growing amount to satisfy the issue. However, this can reversed by abstaining from marijuana use for a short time.

Marijuana can help with a number of issues, but consumers need to be smart. Approach marijuana with a certain amount of caution until you are sure you have achieved the optimum level of comfort.

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