A new marijuana pardon certificate program will aid nationwide reforms

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The Department of Justice is making it easier for people to register their marijuana pardons

President Joe Biden’s massive marijuana pardon seems to be moving forward. The Department of Justice (DOJ) released late last week a form for all those who have been covered by the program. The document will serve as a certification to officially prove that clemency has been granted. It is another important step in the initiative launched by the White House last year.

Biden issued a proclamation in October to grant a pardon to people who have been involved in marijuana possession offenses under federal law and in Washington. DC. While it is true that the relief was automatic and fairly swift, advocates believe it is time for officials to provide an application for individuals to certify and demonstrate that they were eligible for the pardon.

This is a move that serves as a great help to all those people who seek to obtain work or housing but whose prior convictions have become an obstacle. “Those who were pardoned on October 6, 2022, are eligible for a certificate of pardon,” said the DOJ. The agency added that to be part of this new initiative, an applicant must have been charged with or convicted of simple possession of marijuana in federal court or in DC Superior Court. In addition, the applicant must have been a US citizen or lawful permanent resident on October 6 of last year.

The agency assures that the POTUS’ proposed pardon removes all those barriers that separated people from housing, employment, and educational opportunities. It made clear that “those who were convicted of state marijuana offenses do not qualify for the pardon.” The new certification form can be completed and mailed or completed online.