A new compliance education platform for the cannabis industry should help retail efforts

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Rootwurks hopes to make it easier for retailers to understand the guidelines to sell cannabis products

Compliance reduces the likelihood of fines, penalties, work stoppages, lawsuits, or closure of your business, which is the most obvious benefit. For example, if you did not follow quality guidelines and someone was intoxicated, authorities could fine you significantly. The cannabis industry is always under scrutiny, which is why complying with regulations is of the utmost importance. The good news for many retailers is that there is now an education platform that could give them a big advantage on this issue.

Compliance in the marijuana market is extremely complex. Navigating the ever-changing regulatory waters can be a frustrating and difficult task, especially when an operator’s license is at stake. Various infractions have led to companies getting serious fines and even having their licenses revoked.

In order for operators to keep their businesses following all regulatory guidelines more effectively, Rootwurks has been implemented as a solution. The new learning experience platform ensures that the level of marijuana education is increased while ensuring that retailers remain in full compliance with the ever-changing industry.

Industry leader in law and policy Vicente Sederberg has developed this comprehensive platform that goes above and beyond to help businesses thrive through its innovative training methodology and holistic approach. Founder and CEO Chase Eastman saw his mother find relief with cannabis as she battled cancer. This led him to want to give back to the industry.

After joining forces with an old friend, Shawn Hauser, the pair launched Rootwurks in the middle of last year. They used their experience in the food industry to apply to the development of the platform, tailoring the solution from the ground up to support the unique complexities of the marijuana market.

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