A new college cannabis course is coming to Illinois

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Western Illinois University is the latest to launch a higher education cannabis curriculum

There is no stopping the cannabis industry from constantly transforming a more professional industry, and colleges are aware of this. Western Illinois University (WIU) is launching a cannabis production minor that will be starting this fall and which is offered through the WIU’s school of agriculture. The course will be available only at the Macomb campus since it was the only college interested in pursuing a course dedicated to cannabis. Adults sales of marijuana became official in the Prairie State on January 1.

During the first month of the year, and also the first month of recreational marijuana sales, the total figure was reported at $40 million, which represents around 972,000 items sold. This minor offered by WIU was approved earlier this month in a faculty senate meeting, and the total time investment will be 18 to 19 credit hours.
However, some hours will be offered through some additional coursework through the Department of Biological Sciences. The minor will include a few other courses that are regular for these types of careers, such as genetics and biology or agriculture, as well as some specific courses. Shelby Henning will be the horticulture professor leading the biology/production course.

After its approval, the faculty is still working on closing some partnerships with hemp producers and businesses operating in the recreational and medical marijuana sector. According to what Andy Baker, director of the School of Agriculture at WIU said on Monday, this minor will fall under the category of an AG science degree. “We’re excited to be a part of this flourishing industry and providing in-demand, and new, academic opportunities for our students,” said WIU Interim President Martin Abraham in a news release.