A new CBD-based therapeutic device could be making its way to hospitals

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A research project is exploring cannabis-based devices for medical use

A consulting service between BYND Cannasoft Enterprises and Matrix Medika has been formed to explore the regulatory processes for cannabidiol (CBD)-based therapeutic devices. The Israeli cannabis technology company and the medical systems developer specializing in helping companies obtain regulatory approval for medical devices are looking to help thousands of patients who are in hospitals.

According to the announcement, the service will be provided as part of an agreement with Arkit Studio, an organization that provides the EZ-G Device characterization and design service. BYND Cannasoft has enlisted the services of Matrix Medica for expert opinion and market research on the path to getting the green light for the company’s EZ-G device in Europe and the US. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could be involved in that regulatory approval.

For more than a decade, Matrix Medika has specialized in the development of medical systems. It is expected that its knowledge of and relationship with the standards and regulatory processes related to healthcare will be sufficient to provide BYND Cannasoft with the necessary tools. Once it has received the necessary support, the company will extend the consulting service with Matrix Medika for all phases of the development of its EZ-G device.

“Our commitment to our shareholders is to bring the EZ-G device to market as quickly as possible,” Yftah Ben Yaackov, CEO and Director of BYND, said. “Matrix Medika has worked with numerous medical companies and startups to assist them with getting high-quality healthcare projects and software to market quickly and within budget.”

BYND Cannasoft knows that the EZ-G device can save many lives and therefore wants to pursue the final patent registration and establish a marketing and sales system. This CBD-based therapeutic device is responsible for regulating the flow of low-concentration CBD oils into the soft tissues of the female reproductive system.