A new cannabis research app will strengthen the science behind the plant

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The cannabis ecosystem continues to mature, bringing new products to help consumers

Technology has advanced to such an extent that there are now apps for practically everything. By simply having a smart device, millions of users worldwide have the opportunity to get a myriad of convenient benefits in the palm of their hands. Medical cannabis seems not to be left out of that trend, as a marijuana research app will be able to help patients identify the most effective strains based on their needs.

Taking into consideration user feedback on the results of cannabis treatment, a new research program is being developed that is able to establish which method of administration or strain of the plant is best for various medical needs. In order to achieve a solid information base, Mississippi’s medical marijuana program patients have been invited to participate in this research, which will help developers better understand how different forms of marijuana can treat ailments.

The executive director of the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance, Angie Calhoun, says patients may be spending large sums of money to find out which version of marijuana actually helps them treat their medical conditions. She and her team hope that, through the app, that information will be clear and let the user know exactly what they should be consuming.

“When they go into that dispensary, there will be less trial in the future, and they’re actually helping other patients in the future, to be able to walk in and say ‘Okay, I have this condition, and I’m going to be able to treat it with this medicine,” says Calhoun. The Releaf app will collect all this information, and the data will be in the hands of researchers at the University of Mississippi, as well as the dispensary that sold the product. Through anonymous reviews, patients will be able to share their experiences and help others make more informed decisions.