A new cannabis-friendly hotel is coming to Las Vegas

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The Artisan could be the first cannabis hotel near the Las Vegas Strip

Clarendon Hotel & Spa in Phoenix has proven to be a pioneering, cannabis-friendly hotel in Arizona quite successfully. The company behind this historic resort, Elevations Hotels & Resorts, now wants to try the same luck in Las Vegas. In order to bring its unique brand of hospitality, Elevations announced that it plans to convert the Artisan Hotel Boutique into The Lexi. In other words, it will go from being known for its gothic art and adults-only theme to boasting more than 60 rooms ready for use in the spring. Most notably, one floor will be designated for cannabis enthusiasts to come and have a blast.

Each room located on the fourth level will implement a state-of-the-art RestorAir filtration system that employs advanced oxidation cell (AOC) technology. According to Alex Rizk, Elevations’ president and CEO, this complex allows the Elevations Hotels & Resorts brand to “showcase” its commitment to creating “a new kind of hotel concept” and normalizing marijuana in the hotel space. It’s a pretty smart move knowing how big cannaturism has become in recent years.

“With The Lexi, our goal is to bring guests something truly new in Las Vegas,” Rizk added. In addition, the renowned venue will also create a membership for people with a so-called “wanderlust mentality.”

It will undoubtedly become a favorite destination for many enthusiasts looking to supplement their fun in Sin City. Many can take advantage of the products offered by the Planet 13 Holdings dispensary, a cannabis company and a tourist attraction in its own right.