A new cannabis ecosystem is coming to the Metaverse

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The Metaverse is going to be the next stop on the cannabis tour

Recently, the metaverse is one of those words that keeps popping into the heads of many from constantly hearing it in the media. The truth is that the idea of the metaverse is exciting and has now even started to create strong links to the cannabis industry. The global cannabis community can now access a virtual ecosystem thanks to innovation through Cannaland.

Not long ago, CannaVerse unveiled a white paper outlining its plans for Cannaland, billed as the world’s first marijuana-themed virtual metaverse community. Cannaland will undoubtedly become a platform capable of attracting all stakeholders in the marijuana market, from established businesses to curious users. In doing so, Cannaland intends to become a one-of-a-kind platform for the global marijuana community.

Cannaland plans to use its blockchain network to complement its dynamic metaverse economy sector. Users will be able to use the ecosystem’s native token (CNLT), the primary currency for transactions conducted virtually. By marrying the growth of the cannabis industry with the innovative metaverse idea, Cannaland aims to become the destination of choice for the entire cannabis culture, among both users and businesses.

Cannaland has the vision to build its cannabis metaverse with qualities that represent real life. This includes e-commerce transactions for clothing and merchandise, virtual conferences, social events, and in-game concerts. The firm behind the project aims to be is to be the global hub for all cannabis businesses and enthusiasts in the world, an idea that, if successful, would revolutionize the industry at large.

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