A Minnesota brewery is launching a CBD lounge

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Bent Paddle Brewing is among the first in the state to embrace cannabis

When people think of a cannabis lounge, they often ignore the many potential benefits it offers to the consumer and the community at large. If there is one thing that is almost unanimously lacking in most states across the country, it is cannabis consumption facilities. The good news is that a jurisdiction like Minnesota has already been making great strides and is even now welcoming a THC and CBD beverage lounge in Duluth.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company is looking to fulfill the need of a large number of enthusiasts in the region by opening the doors to a cannabis-infused beverage lounge tomorrow at exactly 4:20 PM. The Cann-A-Lounge will be located in the brewery’s original tavern at 1912 W. Michigan St., with hours Thursday through Sunday, essential for relaxing weekends.

Inspired by a design related to That ’70s Show, the lounge will feature hemp-derived edibles and beverages, as well as board games and vintage High Times magazines. The venue features a pleasant space surrounded by multiple couches, plants, vinyl record players, and a selection of records to choose from. It’s a gathering spot where many will surely want to go to clear their minds after a long week.

While the pandemic was a big blow to the brewery, Bent Paddle’s co-founder Karen Tonnis said the new law passed last year allowing the sale of THC beverages has generated a big boost in business. “Coming out of the pandemic has been rough for many local craft breweries, including our own, and this law change has been a lifeline in supporting diversifying our offerings,” she said. “We enjoy drinking cannabis products socially and are grateful for the opportunity to produce our own high-quality sparkling water line in addition to our great local craft beer.”