A Michigan marijuana-friendly hotel concept is now open for stays

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Ann Arbor’s City Club Apartments is test-driving new options for cannabis enthusiasts

If you live in or usually take vacation days to visit Michigan, you may now stumble upon a cannabis-friendly hotel. Many opt for the practice of sneaking into the restroom and taking a puff on that marijuana cigar without the owners noticing. However, that will no longer be necessary for those who visit this Ann Arbor lodging.

All those looking for a temporary lodging concept in this area now have a couple of marijuana-friendly suites at their disposal. Ohio-based boutique lodging company Airriva manages a variety of temporary stays at City Club Apartments in Ann Arbor. Starting in 2022, the company realized how relevant cannabis tourism was becoming and decided to launch two cannabis-friendly suites where guests can smoke cannabis without a problem.

“I would say it’s not typical to find canna-friendly places,” said Katie McDermid, the marketing manager at Airriva. “…This was our first location that has canna-friendly rooms.”

A while ago, the room’s original sponsor, New Standard, closed its Ann Arbor location. As a result, Airriva began looking for a new dispensary to partner with. The answer was found at Liberty Cannabis last month.

The new partner has locations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, and Maryland and has a wealth of experience that has helped Airriva take its services to the next level. McDermid says this amenity is something many people on the go want to get. “It’s just a chill location, chill vibe, being able to enjoy in the comfort of your home away.”

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