A medical cannabis bus is making its way through Texas

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Cannabis enthusiasts in Texas might see the bus make a stop near them

Killeen is a city in Bell County, TX. Many of its voters are still weighing some important issues as the November election draws ever closer. Decriminalization of marijuana is one of them, but a medical cannabis bus may help them mull over the answer.

A group of cannabis advocates has begun a cannabis bus tour, and many believe Killeen is a strategic stop. The idea with this is to remind people that medical marijuana is already legal in the Lone Star State.

Through the Compassionate Use Program, medical cannabis has been legal in the state of Texas since 2015. Knowing that this is a fact even that a lot of Texans don’t know, the folks at Goodblend Medical Cannabis Dispensary stopped in Killeen on their Ride For Your Rights CannaBus tour to remind people.

“The tour is about education,” said Terrence Baugh, tour manager, Ride For Your Rights. “So, we’re hitting eight cities all throughout the state to let Texans know about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and how to get involved in the program, and how easy it is to get involved.”

They also want to clarify many issues related to cannabidiol (CBD) by making it clear that that compound, while it has many positive effects, should not be considered medicinal cannabis in its entirety. Many veterans in Texas received big news last year when the prescribing requirements for medical cannabis were expanded to include post-traumatic stress disorder.

Killeen is known as a military “boom town” due to its rapid growth and a large influx of soldiers. This, over time, has also led to an expanding veteran community. This is why tour manager Terrence Baugh said they chose to make Killeen their last stop.

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