A look at some of the top cannabis print publications for enthusiasts

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There are a number of excellent periodicals available to keep up with the cannabis space

While it is true that today’s era is driven primarily by digital media, it is still quite captivating to be able to find a story on paper accompanied by beautiful photographs. Many people spend a lot of time on their cell phones, but even so, printed images often have a different kind of impact on people. When it comes to the cannabis industry, there are plenty of relevant print publications.

“A Different Leaf” was founded by Michael Kusek in 2018. This magazine has a big focus on Massachusetts and provides a route into the cannabis landscape for new and experienced consumers in this state. Several important topics are covered, including legal, social and medical.

Another publication that has reached great levels of popularity among the community that enjoys magazines is “Cannabis Business Times.” Tim Hermes and Noelle Skodzinski teamed up in 2014 to found this magazine and, since then, its goal has been to be able to help accelerate the success and acceptance of the legal cannabis market. Anyone looking to get involved in the industry could find a great tool through this magazine as it also provides intelligence to help all aspects of the business, from seed to sale, to succeed and grow.

A special magazine for those passionate about marijuana-based edibles is “Edibles Magazine.” Founded over ten years ago, its purpose is to be a resource for those readers with a high level of interest in both recreational and medical edibles. It has excelled in its ability to connect patients, providers, and dispensaries with each other.

And finally, Honeysuckle magazine, founded by journalist, filmmaker and editor Ronit Pinto, can’t be left behind. This publication emphasizes justice for the communities and people they report on by exploring gender, sexuality, racial politics and more. Its progressive stance has led the magazine to receive praise from high-ranking officials, such as New York Senator Brian Benjamin.